Eyelash Extensions After Care

Spring is finally here! And that means you'll spend more time outside and it also means there will be rain! Save yourself the headache of carrying an eyelash glue for those falling lash strips and get yourself eyelash extensions. Here's some great ways to take care of your lashes.

1. Stay away from hot heat. Hot heat can and will break down the lash bond of your extensions.

2. Stay away from oil-based products. Look at your makeup ingredients-- make sure they're oil free products. Oil-based products will break down the lash bond and cause your extensions to fall out.

3. No mascara or curling your lashes!

4. Brush your lashes daily. Brush them once in the morning, once during the day and after you shower at night.

5. Keep them clean! Keep lashes clean and free from any dirt.

6. Don't pull or tug on your lashes.

7. Sleep on your back.

8. Book eyelash extension refills every 2-3 weeks.

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